Top 8 cities to live in the United Kingdom

The United Kingdom performs well in most measures of quality of life to most other countries in the world. There are many people that are thinking to move in United Kingdom for work, for investing, for retirement or for other motivations. Moving to the UK requires a lot of preparation and it is necessary to analysis the benefits and the costs. The quality of living is one of the most important things that everybody needs to consider before moving to United Kingdom. It is not the same with GDP per capita, as some people may think and it does not necessary increase when the GDP per capita increase.

In this work, we are going to rank the UK cities by quality of life index, which is an estimation of overall quality of life. It is calculated by using an empirical formula that takes in consideration the purchasing power index, pollution index, house price to income ratio, cost of living index, safety index, health care index, traffic commute time index and climate index. The higher is the value of the index, better is the quality of life.

The city with the highest quality of living in UK is Edinburgh, followed by Belfast, Glasgow, Leeds, Bristol and Birmingham. Manchester is in the penultimate place in quality of living ranking and London is the city with the worst quality of life in United Kingdom.

For the others UK cities, there is no information about this index, so they are not included in the ranking of the UK cities by quality of life.

The data used in this work are provided by Numbeo and are relating to mid-2019.

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