The 10 biggest insurance companies in the US

In this post will be presented the ranking of US insurance companies by total assets and by market capitalization, which are among the most used indicators for rankings. Below you can consult the ranking of the 10 largest insurance companies in the USA by total assets and by market capitalization. At the top of the list the US ranking for total assets is Berkshire Hathaway with USD 958.8 billion, followed by Prudential Financial with USD 937.6 billion and Metlife with USD 759.7 billion. In last place of the rank, however, is John Hancock with 322.1 billion USD. Rank Name Assets… Continue reading

The 55 biggest banks in the US

Below you can see the ranking of the 56 largest banks in the US by total assets. JPMorgan Chase is the biggest bank in the US with USD 3.84 trillion, followed by Bank of America Corp with USD 3.11 trillion and Citigroup Inc with USD 2.38 trillion. Fourth place is occupied by Wells Fargo & Co with USD 1.88 trillion, while fifth is occupied by Goldman Sachs with USD 1.6 trillion in total assets. In the last five places there are Synovus Financial Corp with USD 57.4 billion, followed by Valley National Bancorp with USD 54.4 billion, Cullen/Frost Bankers with… Continue reading

The 56 largest banks in the US by total assets

US banks play an important role in the global economy and finance. Given their importance, in this work with be presented the ranking of US banks by total assets, which is one of the most widely used indicators for the comparison of banks. The total assets are defined as resources owned by the bank from which future economic benefits are expected to be generated. They are the sum of non-current and current assets, and this total should equal the sum of stockholders’ equity and total liabilities combined. After this brief introduction, let’s see now the list of the largest banks… Continue reading