The world’s largest companies by assets and market cap

In the last years, many companies have reached impressive dimensions compared to the past. There are several factors that have led to these results, but they will not be analysed in this work, which will be focused on the realization of the ranking of the 30 largest companies in the world by assets and market cap. Assets refer to the final amount of all gross investments, cash and equivalents, receivables, and other assets as they are presented on the balance sheet of a company. Instead of market capitalization refers to the total euro market value of a company’s outstanding shares…. Continue reading

The world’s largest banks by assets

The ranking of the banks can be done by using different indicators, such as number of customers, number of employees, total deposits, total loans, market capitalization, total assets and many others. This work will be focused on the realization of the ranking of the largest banks in the world by total assets. Total assets, most commonly used in the context of a corporation, are defined as the assets owned by the entity that has economic value whose benefits can be derived in the future. They are recorded in the balance sheet of the firm. Below is a list of the… Continue reading