Top 52 countries that have the largest gold reserves

Central banks hold gold reserves which are used over time to achieve various objectives. It often happens that a country’s gold reserves are not held in its own central bank, but are held in the central banks of other countries. This choice can take place for various reasons, which will not however be analyzed in this paper which will be focused on the realization of the rank of countries by gold reserves. Let’s see now see the top 52 countries that have with the largest gold reserves in the world. In the top of the ranking of the countries by… Continue reading

These 45 countries have the largest gold reserves

Considered a ‘safe haven’ during crises, the yellow metal is being stockpiled by central banks around the world. Central banks added 650 tons to their reserves in 2019, the second highest shift in 50 years, after 656 tons were added in 2018. Before the 2008 financial crisis, central banks were net sellers of gold worldwide for decades. Also, there has been a large effort by central banks to repatriate their gold as well, mostly from storage in New York Federal Reserve and the Bank of England, which are the two largest keepers of gold in the world. After this brief… Continue reading