The rank of American countries by quality of living

America or Americas comprise the totality of North and South America and it make up most of the land in Earth’s western hemisphere and comprise the New World. In this continent, there is a widely varied economy, with the large nations of United States and Canada having modern, industrial economies, while the rest of the countries have many economic and political problems. There is a big difference in wealth across American countries, and this means a big difference in the GDP per capita, where United States and Canada have the highest GDP per capita of the continent. Before moving to… Continue reading

Real estate market analysis: American continent

There is a big difference between the real estate market of USA and Canada and the rest of the countries in the American continent. In these two countries the prices, the rents and the incomes are overall higher. There are many people from other continents, who are thinking to buy properties in American continent for investments purpose or other purpose. Buying an apartment in America is not a simple process and it is important to take in consideration the most important objective and subjective factors during the decision-making. In addition, it is necessary to analyse the real estate market, before… Continue reading

The rank of American countries by cost of living

America comprises North and South America and it is the second largest and third most populous continent of the world. The English speaking countries in this continent, as Canada and the United States, are among the wealthiest and most developed nations in the world. The rest of the countries are less developed. In the last years, some of them are experiencing economic and political problems, such as decline in output, increasing of unemployment level, worsening financial conditions and political issues etc. There are many people, who are thinking to move to America continent for living. Moving to countries as USA… Continue reading