The rank of African countries by quality of living

Despite African continent is blessed with gold, diamonds, oil, coltan, bauxite, uranium, iron ore and other valuable resources, it is considered the poorest continent on Earth. Living in most of the African countries is not easy for nobody and most of people lives below the poverty line. The extreme poverty has many reasons, some of which are closely linked. Some of them are the growth of population, wars, crises, climatic conditions, illness, inadequate agricultural infrastructure, unjust trade structures etc. Before moving to African continent for work or for retirement, it is important to take in consideration the most important objective… Continue reading

Real estate market analysis: African continent

For many years, private equity or other institutional investors have been the most prominent players in the African property sector, but now something has changed. Africa is experiencing a huge population boom, so the demand of housing is increasing. Millions of Africans are moving to the cities, so a significant proportion of the demand for housing and real estate in Africa is concentrated in the big cities. There are also many people from other continents, who are thinking to buy properties in African continent for investments purpose or other purpose. Buying an apartment in Africa is not a simple process… Continue reading

The rank of African countries by cost of living

Africa is the third largest and second most populous continent of the world. Even Africa has abundant natural resources, it is the world’s poorest continent. There are several factors that may have caused this, for example frequent tribal and military conflict, corrupt governments, failed central planning, high levels of illiteracy, human rights violations, lack of access to foreign capital etc. This does not mean that all the African countries are poor, because in some of them the quality of life is very good. There are many people, who are thinking to move to Africa continent for living. Before moving to… Continue reading