Ranking of stock exchanges in the world 2020

In the last years, many stock exchanges have reached impressive dimensions compared to the past, while others have become smaller. There are several factors that have led to these results, but they will not be analysed in this work, which will be focused on the realization of the ranking of the largest stock exchanges in the world.

In this post, we are going to rank the stock exchanges by market capitalization and number of listed companies. The capitalization of a stock exchanges is given by the sum of the market cap of all listed companies. The market capitalization, in turn, is given by the product between total shares and the market price. Instead, the number of the listed companies is given by the sum of domestic and foreign listed companies. The data used in this work have been collected from the main financial sites. For all of the stock exchanges, the market cap refers and the number of listed companies refers to February 2020. The market cap is expressed in millions of USD. Let’s now see which are the largest stock exchanges in the world in 2020.

If we refer to the market cap, the largest stock exchange is Nasdaq with 12.46 trillions of USD, followed by Japan Exchange Group with 5.37 trillions of USD and Shanghai Stock Exchange with 4.93 trillions of USD. In the fourth place is Hong Kong Exchanges and Clearing with 4.63 trillions of USD and in the fifth place is LSE Group with 3.62 trillions of USD. In the last three places of the ranking of the largest Us banks by market cap there are MERJ Exchange Limited with 1.18 billion USD, Cayman Island Stock Exchange with 422 million USD and Bolsa Electronica de Chile with 50 million USD.

RankNameMarket cap.
1Nasdaq – US12.460.028
2Japan Exchange Group5.369.952
3Shanghai Stock Exchange4.932.172
4Hong Kong Exchanges and Clearing4.625.373
5LSE Group3.616.558
6Shenzhen Stock Exchange3.552.471
7Saudi Stock Exchange (Tadawul)2.247.368
8TMX Group2.233.879
9BSE India Limited2.046.999
10National Stock Exchange of India2.028.192
11Korea Exchange1.318.367
12Taiwan Stock Exchange1.123.522
13Johannesburg Stock Exchange897.963
14Moscow Exchange698.209
15Singapore Exchange657.584
16The Stock Exchange of Thailand483.408
17Indonesia Stock Exchange446.935
18Tehran Stock Exchange430.028
19Bolsa Mexicana de Valores381.708
20Bursa Malaysia366.712
21Philippine Stock Exchange240.703
22Tel-Aviv Stock Exchange227.982
23Bolsa de Comercio de Santiago171.503
24Hochiminh Stock Exchange130.110
25Boursa Kuwait113.793
26Taipei Exchange107.233
27Dubai Financial Market99.691
28Bolsa de Valores de Lima94.782
29Iran Fara Bourse Securities Exchange91.865
30Nigerian Stock Exchange46.283
31The Egyptian Exchange41.464
32Kazakhstan Stock Exchange40.776
33Dhaka Stock Exchange33.498
34Chittagong Stock Exchange31.853
35Budapest Stock Exchange27.804
36Bahrain Bourse27.731
37Amman Stock Exchange20.622
38Bolsa de Valores de Panama17.608
39Muscat Securities Market17.517
40Jamaica Stock Exchange14.408
41Colombo Stock Exchange14.398
42Hanoi Stock Exchange8.610
43Stock Exchange of Mauritius8.525
44Ljubljana Stock Exchange7.626
46Beirut Stock Exchange6.217
47Palestine Exchange3.808
48Rwanda Stock Exchange3.622
49Barbados Stock Exchange3.411
50Bermuda Stock Exchange2.633
51Namibian Stock Exchange2.433
52Bolsa Nacional de Valores2.297
53MERJ Exchange Limited1.183
54Cayman Island Stock Exchange422
55Bolsa Electronica de Chile50

If we refer to the number of listed companies, the largest stock exchange is Japan Exchange Group with 3701 listed companies, followed by TMX Group con 3401 listed companies and Nasdaq with 3156 listed companies. In the fourth place is Hong Kong Exchanges and Clearing with 2466 listed companies and in the fifth place is LSE Group with 2386 listed companies. If we refer to the number of the listed companies, in the last three places of the ranking there are Rwanda Stock Exchange with 8 listed companies, Cayman Island Stock Exchange with 5 listed companies and Cboe Global Marketsx with 1 listed company.

RankNameTotal companies
1Japan Exchange Group3.701
2TMX Group3.401
3Nasdaq – US3.156
4Hong Kong Exchanges and Clearing2.466
5LSE Group2.386
6Korea Exchange2.283
7Shenzhen Stock Exchange2.214
8National Stock Exchange of India1.961
9Shanghai Stock Exchange1.599
10Taiwan Stock Exchange955
11Bursa Malaysia930
12Taipei Exchange774
13The Stock Exchange of Thailand725
14Singapore Exchange716
15Indonesia Stock Exchange680
16Tel-Aviv Stock Exchange440
17Hochiminh Stock Exchange378
18Hanoi Stock Exchange367
19Johannesburg Stock Exchange341
20Tehran Stock Exchange332
21Dhaka Stock Exchange321
22Chittagong Stock Exchange292
23Colombo Stock Exchange290
24Bolsa de Comercio de Santiago282
25Philippine Stock Exchange268
26The Egyptian Exchange248
27Moscow Exchange217
28Bolsa de Valores de Lima209
29Saudi Stock Exchange (Tadawul)204
30Amman Stock Exchange190
31Nigerian Stock Exchange159
32Bolsa Mexicana de Valores144
33Iran Fara Bourse Securities Exchange124
34Kazakhstan Stock Exchange120
35Muscat Securities Market111
36Stock Exchange of Mauritius99
37Jamaica Stock Exchange87
38Dubai Financial Market63
39Palestine Exchange48
41Budapest Stock Exchange46
42Bahrain Bourse44
43MERJ Exchange Limited38
44Namibian Stock Exchange38
45Ljubljana Stock Exchange29
46Bolsa de Valores de Panama27
47Barbados Stock Exchange19
48Armenia Securities Exchange10
49Beirut Stock Exchange10
50Bolsa Nacional de Valores10
51Rwanda Stock Exchange8
52Cayman Island Stock Exchange5
53Cboe Global Markets1

In the rank of the biggest stock exchanges in the world in 2020 are included only the stock exchanges for which there were public information about these indicators.

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