Advertise is an informative website dedicated to economics and finance. The visitors of the website are mainly interested in: banks, insurance companies, financial companies, real estate, quality of life, cost of life and much more.

Advertising prices

The prices charged for advertising are variable and generally depend on the types of advertising media and the time of publication. Below is the price list applied to our services:

  • Blog Post: to be agreed.
  • Banners: to be agreed.
  • Other types of advertising media: to be agreed.

The banner is displayed on most the pages of the website and it is published on the website for all the agreed time. Blog posts are published on the website for all the agreed time and no preferential position is guaranteed, which means that with the publishing of a new post, the previous one drops in position.

Other prices and/or conditions can also be applied according to the customer’s needs, but it could be evaluated on a case-by-case basis. Discounts could be given for purchasing multiple services or if the time of publication is higher than one month.

The creation of advertising media

Usually, the banner, the blog post or any other types of advertising media are created by the clients and approved by us.

Prohibited practices

To maintain high the quality of the website we are selective and certain types of websites, companies, products or services cannot be promoted. Only, after careful analysis of the opportunity, we should be able to determine if it could be publisher or not.

Client portfolio

We have collaborated with many banks, e-money institutions, credit intermediaries, insurance companies, investment companies and other companies, which have increased the number of customers thanks to our quality traffic.

Payment terms

The payment for the services should be made in advance by using cryptocurrencies, such as BTC, BCH, LTC, etc.


If you are interested to promote your website, your company, your products or services, please send us your collaboration proposal, using the contact form on the Contact page.

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