The largest banks in the world by total assets

Total assets are one of the most important indicators and one of the most used to compare banks with each other. Bigger are the total assets, bigger is the weight and the importance of a bank in the country of origin and in the world. Let’s see now the ranking of the 61 largest banks in the world by total assets. At the top of the list is Industrial & Commercial Bank of China (ICBC) with USD 5438 billion, followed by China Construction Bank with USD 4618 billion, Agricultural Bank of China with USD 4435 billion, Bank of China with… Continue reading

Top 52 countries that have the largest gold reserves

Central banks hold gold reserves which are used over time to achieve various objectives. It often happens that a country’s gold reserves are not held in its own central bank, but are held in the central banks of other countries. This choice can take place for various reasons, which will not however be analyzed in this paper which will be focused on the realization of the rank of countries by gold reserves. Let’s see now see the top 52 countries that have with the largest gold reserves in the world. In the top of the ranking of the countries by… Continue reading

Top 10 largest US insurance companies

The insurance sector has a significant weight in the US economy, thus directly and indirectly influencing the trend of GDP. US insurance companies play an important role not only in the country’s economy, but also globally through risk management. Considering, therefore, the importance that they have, in this work the ranking of US insurance companies will be presented on the basis of assets, market capitalization, premiums collected and market shares. Below are the 10 US largest insurance companies by total assets. At the top of the list is Prudential Financial with USD 926 billion, followed by Berkshire Hathaway with USD… Continue reading

Car loans: what you need to know

Most of the people can’t pay cash for a vehicle upfront, so whether or not they’re making down payments, they’ll likely be using an auto loan to finance their purchases. The price of the car is not the only cost to be paid, because there are additional costs, such as state taxes and registration fees. The dealership may also charge documentation and transportation fees. Without a down payment, these fees get rolled into the amount of the financing. A car loan, also known as an automobile loan, or auto loan, is a sum of money a consumer borrows in order… Continue reading

The 56 largest banks in the US by total assets

US banks play an important role in the global economy and finance. Given their importance, in this work with be presented the ranking of US banks by total assets, which is one of the most widely used indicators for the comparison of banks. The total assets are defined as resources owned by the bank from which future economic benefits are expected to be generated. They are the sum of non-current and current assets, and this total should equal the sum of stockholders’ equity and total liabilities combined. After this brief introduction, let’s see now the list of the largest banks… Continue reading