The 56 largest banks in the US by total assets

US banks play an important role in the global economy and finance. Given their importance, in this work with be presented the ranking of US banks by total assets, which is one of the most widely used indicators for the comparison of banks. The total assets are defined as resources owned by the bank from which future economic benefits are expected to be generated. They are the sum of non-current and current assets, and this total should equal the sum of stockholders’ equity and total liabilities combined. After this brief introduction, let’s see now the list of the largest banks… Continue reading

Top 60 largest banks in the world

Compared with the last year, many banks have lost positions in the ranking of the largest banks in the worlds by market capitalization, others have gained positions and some, however, have maintained the same place in the ranking. Let’s now see the 60 largest banks in the world by market cap. In the latest ranking of banks in the world there are 12 US banks, 10 Chinese banks, 5 Canadian banks, 4 Australian banks, 4 Japanese banks, 3 British banks, 3 Indian banks, 2 French banks, 2 Spanish banks, 2 Singapore banks, 2 Hong Kong banks, 2 Brazilian banks, 2… Continue reading

The 68 largest stock exchanges in the world

Stock exchanges play a vital role in the world economy. Higher is their market capitalization, higher is their weight in economy. Given their importance, as every year, we are going to publish the ranking of the stock exchanges by market capitalization. The data used to create the ranking were collected in the main financial sites, are expressed in millions of USD and refer to 30/04/2021. After this brief introduction, let’s now see which are the 68 largest stock exchanges in the world by market cap. The largest stock exchange in the world by market capitalization is NYSE, followed by Nasdaq,… Continue reading

How to use Technical Analysis for trading

There are many opportunities for everyone to make money in the financial markets. Of course, it is not simple to find the best opportunity, but if you get started in the right mode, the probability of success increase. Before investing in the financial markets, it is necessary to create a solid financial plan, to determine the risk profile, to analyze the assets, to create an optimal portfolio etc. One of the most used methods by the traders to analyses the assets is stocks is the technical analysis. It is employed to evaluate every asset with historical trading data and identify… Continue reading

Social trading: benefits and risks

Nowadays everyone has the possibility to invest in the financial markets from everywhere in the world, just using a laptop or a smartphone. Before investing in stocks, bond, mutual funds or other financial products, it is important to study and increase the knowledge about financial markets, financial analysis, risk management etc., because investing and trading in the financial markets can be an extremely rewarding and profitable activity, but it does come with varying degrees of risk. There is also another way to invest in the financial markets, which requires little or no knowledge. It is the social trading, which is… Continue reading